A story meeting planners know all too well...

Removable contract line items designed to coerse you into using the hotel's preferred vendors

  • Any language insinuating that additional charges, penalty or fees could be incurred for contracting with your preferred vendor instead of the hotel’s preferred vendor.

  • Any language claiming a dispute with the hotel’s exclusive preferred vendors for erroneous charges or other incidents may not be disputed through the hotel management with which you signed the agreement with.

  • Inflated insurance coverage requirements

  • Requirements to supplement preferred vendors staff with hotel’s preferred vendor staff

  • Any type of liaison or supervisor fees required for load-in and load-out of equipment.

  • Any loading dock or freight elevator charges, fees or SOP that create additional costs.

  • Unattainable time requirements for submitting plan, diagrams and production schedules.

  • Production guidelines designed to slow down and create additional costs to your preferred vendor but are not enforced with the hotel’s preferred vendor.

  • Any deposits required by your preferred vendor in addition to insurance requirements.

  • Fees to plug into existing wall electrical outlets.

  • Language prohibiting you from creating your own WiFi hotspots or bringing in your own preferred vendor for internet connectivity.


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Clauses to include in RFP or contract addendum before signing